Bellow cover

Bellows are used on all kinds of machines to provide protection for guideways and spindles, in those cases where no Telescopic covers can be fitted due to space constrains.

Bellows are produced with nylon fibre refine sheets. In some cases the Bellows are also constructed with scissors, bearings, rollers and stainless steel flaps where hot chips are present. Bellows are easy to fit with minimal compression and high travel speed.


We have two types of manufacturing methods. One is fully stitched type with every folds with PVC supports ie., P.S bellows. It is more protective where coolant and chips particles fall. The second type is pasted or glued type i.e, P.G Bellows which is mainly used for less coolant or cutting oil and for dust proof.

In both the above cases each folds or plate is stiffened by a suitable support and provides extension restraints for uniform opening and closing for ensuring longer life and is manufactured depending upon the sizes and designs


Our Bellows are manufactured from superior quality synthetic materials and are long lasting and it can withstand temperatures up to 100 C and are resistant to all cutting oils and coolants etc.,


Pemco Bellows are mounted and removed easily. Split type Designs ensure the same. No costly down time for maintenance. Fixing options to suit individual machine are available.

How To Specify

Construction and design of the bellows depends upon various like shapes, size, width of guideways slide or part to be covered and many other parameters.

  • Width of guideway or part to be covered.(sketch or Drg. Required)
  • Stroke of the machine (minimum required)
  • Compressed length (maximum)
  • Application Horizontal / Vertical / Cross ways
  • Fixing details
  • Against Coolant
  • Against Chips

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Octagonal
  • Odd Shapes


  • Custom Design
  • Split type design
  • Quick Mounting Type
  • Extension Restainers(limit belts & scissors)


  • Simple installation
  • High travel speed
  • Minimal compression
  • High quality
  • Custom Design
  • Split type design

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